Barns fires are due to the following risk :


- forage fermentation leading to slow combustion and eventually to fast combustion if oxygen comes to reach the sleeping fire 


- electrical fires : mainly due to old installation with risk of arc ignition between 2 conductors 

one good solution is to install on the electrical switchboard a special device detecting arcs  ( price range 100-200 € ). It is mandatory in US and Canada since 2002.


arc detector from schneider  


Forage fermentation essentially depends on rate of humidity  of forage  : fermentation begins as soon as the bale is pressed and increases with bale pressing pressure ( density of water is increased )


Simple solution for detecting forage fermentation is to measure the internal temperature of the bales a few hours after pressing : if the increase is more than 1°/hour you should put the bale aside and re open it for further drying ( or keep it temporaly in a well ventilated aera far from other bale ) 

100% of the bale are then tested safely

Another solution is to put randomly a few wireless temperature sensors into bales to detect increase of temperature during storage . Statisticaly 10 bales surveyed on 500 is poor . And still risky .

Moreover , in case of increase of one bale you have to move out all the other bales in urgency .


OPTOMESURES proposes a system that can be fixed on the teeth of the tractor with a wireless temperature sensor sending the temperature value to a tablet or smartphone . GPS coordinates and value of the bale temperatures  are stored and risk assessment displayed .

2 products :

- simple temperature sensor without GPS tracking , allows rought risk assessment : around 300 euros

- temperature sensor with GPS tracking and risk precise assessment : around 400 euros