OPTOMESURES was founded in 2005 by a french physical engineer from Grenoble polytechnic institute 


2005   MICROLAB development launching ( 3 patents )

2007      MICROLAB wins the  1 st PRICE at" TROPHEE OENOVATION " in  BORDEAUX

2010     beginning of reagents manufacturing  ( enzymatics et colorimetrics )

2013     wireless communication development and application in :

                     - wireless thermoregulation 

                     - barn fire prevention system ( 2 patents ) : by measuring internal bale temperature a few hours after pressing 


2015     laser turbidity meter development for ultrafiltration water membrane filtration system

2017     recognition by french ministry of research of research potential of Optomesures "agrement CIR "


2018     sulfitester launching ( small equipment to detect sulfites in food and beverages )

             participation at the analysis comparison betwwen laboratories ( organized by french oenologist association ) 


2019     on line turbidity meter development  for the chamber of agriculture of Bordeaux